Here are some resources I find valuable or useful on your quest to become Tidy Folk.



Humble Design is a nonprofit that accepts donations that “help families get out of homelessness” by fully furnishing their new home . They even accept household cleaning products and personal hygiene products. Win!

Mary’s Place is another nonprofit that also assists families experiencing homelessness by providing basic needs such as shelter, meals, clothing and personal care products. Check out their “share your stuff” page for items that are currently in high need.

Interconnection is ideal for donating your used electronics. After securely wiping your data and making repairs, they send your donations to communities in need. They assist folks in local areas such as Oso after the terrible mudslide and across international borders to schools in Chile, Zimbabwe and Peru.

Goodwill’s Donation Guidelines.

Waste Removal

Happy Haulers is my favorite local junk removal business.

King County Hazardous Waste Guidelines.


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Teitell, Beth. 2018. 40 Years Into the War on Clutter, and We're Still Overwhelmed By Stuff. What's Going On? The Boston Globe.

General Organizing

NAPO Seattle Website

NAPO National Website.